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A Pledge from myself to myself.

We are not asking for money.

Welcome to ipledgenow.org! Our goal is very simple - to educate human beings on the need to place love over hate, and to peacefully confront racism in all forms. Notwithstanding, our organization challenges all forms of hate and bigotry.

We have no political affiliation. We have no religious affiliation. We never will.

Pledge Form

I Pledge to myself that from this day forward:

  1. Regardless of what I have done/not done, or thought/not thought in the past, I will embody this Pledge going forward.
  2. I Pledge to reject racism and all forms of hatred in my life, and to encourage others to do the same.
  3. I Pledge to peacefully stand up to racism and other forms of hatred if possible and to make my voice heard.
  4. I Pledge to take an individual journey to ask what causes me to feel negative or hateful feelings toward others based on skin pigment or other physical (and nonphysical qualities) that are different from mine such as ethnicity.
  5. I Pledge to choose love over hate, forgiveness over revenge, and kindness over harshness.
  6. I Pledge to allow myself to love myself and my neighbor.
  7. I Pledge to listen to others to try to understand their point of view, even if I disagree.
  8. I Pledge to not return hate with hate.
  9. I Pledge to search myself for any unconscious racial and similar bias and to eliminate it.
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This site provides you an opportunity to make a Pledge from yourself to yourself. No one else is monitoring you. This is a commitment you make to yourself, and by doing so, to all of humanity. We encourage you to carefully consider the meaning of this Pledge, and to take the actions you need in order to live the principals that you promised yourself in signing.

We encourage not only individuals, but also businesses, schools, government agencies, and all organizations to take the Pledge as well.

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